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Archive for October, 2017

  • How Are You Like A Flower?

    What is your favorite flower?   Super Stretch’s favorite flower is the Lotus Flower. In yoga, you learn a...

  • Let’s Plant A Tree

    A long time ago, early in the morning, even before breakfast the young yoga students would go to see...

  • Storytelling Through Yoga

    I had a wonderful time teaching ‘Storytelling through Yoga: Guiding toward a Joyful Calm’ to a group of k-6...

  • Be A Super Hero

    Join The Adventures of Super Stretch™ Team!   Every child is a super hero! But with obesity, juvenile diabetes,...

  • How Yoga Enhances a Child’s Wellbeing

    While doing research on wellness and yoga, I stumbled upon some interesting statistics on major health issues that are...

  • The Adventures of Super Stretch!

    The Adventures of Super Stretch Mindfulness & Yoga Fitness Program For Children™   Does your child struggle with worry...