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Global Giving Day 2017

Hello, Super Stretch Super Stars!

Was it hard to go back to school after the long holiday weekend? I bet it was. Well, we have for you three fun playful movement practices that you can do to continue the Thanksgiving spirit. enJOY practicing yoga on Global Giving Day!


Let’s Make A Turkey Pose:

If you could make a Turkey yoga pose for Thanksgiving what would it look like? Create a pose. Draw it or do it. Then have everyone else try!


Gratitude Ball (like Silent Ball):

Play silent catch with your kiddos. When the kids catch the ball they can either take a deep breath or say something that they are grateful for and then pass it on.

“I’m grateful for…”

“I’m thankful for…”


Playful Thanks Giving Class Sequence With Your Flash Cards:

  1. Child’s Pose = Turkey on a baking tray.
  2. Bee Breaths = Turkey heard an unfamiliar noise that woke him up.
  3. Elephant = Turkey started moving and stretching all about.
  4. Sun Salutation = Turkey moved around wondering. “Where am I?”
  5. Frog = Turkey heard a noise and froze with eyes darting to and fro before running out the kitchen door.
  6. Tree = Turkey hid behind tree and froze hoping no one saw him.
  7. Super Walk = Turkey trotted and ran from tree to tree to get away from the humans so he wouldn’t be dinner!
  8. Hero 1 & apple picking = People in the house got hungry and started to make some apple pies.
  9. Washer / Dryer = People had potatoes so they made mashed potatoes.
  10. Sandwich = People needed more food to eat so they made-up some veggie sandwich’s.
  11. ½ Sandwich = Neighbors called from next door to say ‘Hello!” for the holiday and got invited over.
  12. Bridge = They walked over bridge to celebrate with their friends.
  13. Prana The Colorful Balloon Breaths (3x)= Ugh! People’s tummy’s were soooo full!
  14. Rest & DreamTIme = They leaned back, full, happy and grateful for everyone’s kindness. (Especially the Turkey who got away 😉

And if you don’t have time for a class? Read this book to your kiddo during a 5 minute Rest & DreamTime moment: I’m Thankful For by Tevi Sue Hill

Do you want to be a super hero? Join our team and go on exciting journey’s with Super Stretch and his friends to ‘Breathe. Stretch. Play. Make NAMASTE a part of every day!’

Love, Super Stretch