Make ‘Breathe. Stretch. Play.’ a part of every day!

Mindful Moments

I had a super time presenting Mindful Moments at the latest @bumble @bumblebizz @iamsarahedwards event at @wework on January 25th. Plus, there was an incredible sunset that night!

Here is bit of what I shared to the group of rising professionals:

Body & Soul – we take responsibility for the energy we bring into a space.

How many of you raced here in a hurry, a bit stressed out? When is the last time you took a really good ‘sigh of relief’? Well, it’s called that for a reason!

I know, it’s woo-woo, but we take responsibility for the energy. We need to engage, transform, and awaken so that we can be aligned to our true nature. We need to breathe ourselves into balance so that we empower ourselves personally and professionally.

You are a bad-ass-mo-fo and mindfulness changes everything! It makes you a optimistic, creative entrepreneur in love and life. Then you can bring your best self to everything that you do. It will elevate you and give you confidence, a glow from within vibe, make you an effective team member, plugged-in… I can go on and on about the benefits of this practice!

You all raised your hand and said you were running late today to get here. When you are ‘off’ it makes your life experiences ‘off’. I have a simple way to show you what I mean. Try this – cross your arms in front of your chest. Take a good inhale through the nose and a fantastic exhale through the mouth. Now, cross your arms the opposite way. I know, feels really odd but do it. Again, take a good inhale and a cathartic exhale. Share with the person next to you how it felt.

Totally uncomfortable and body felt wrong, right? That is what happens when your energy is ‘off’. And that effects your interactions and sends cortisol, the ‘fight or flight’ hormone, through your system which just jacks you up and makes your heart race. We want to be balanced. We want to be sending happy hormones through our system all day so we can be healthy and at ease. Shift happens! You can start right now, “Inhale the good sh*t, exhale the bullsh*t!” Body, mind and heart BE productive, connected, aware, engaged.

Have Mindful Moments!

Love, Super Stretch and Jes