Make ‘Breathe. Stretch. Play.’ a part of every day!

‘Super Stretch Yoga’ Soundcloud Is Live!

Hello, Super Stretch Super Stars!

Did you know there are tons of Super Stretch Yoga educational tracks on our Soundcloud feed?


Here is a link to our latest podcast of a 30-minute mini-mindfulness class taught to a group of HS Seniors


This specific yoga session is all about how ‘Attitude Colors Your World’.


Sometimes when you’re sad or your brain feel shaken and confused the world seems pretty heavy, that sucks! L What do you do when you get down? Read, take a walk, play video games? Super Stretch teaches kids how to shift gears and de-clutter when they get stressed, frustrated or upset.


Super teaches kids that by focusing on their super powers and paying attention to their breath you can create stillness and a grounded sensation. Because of this skill (and some fun yoga moves) one can balance and reframe their brain from dark to light.


Cool thing is that over time, when we keep using the breath to create balance we become pretty good at it! This is called resiliency training. With practice, when we start to feel un-mindful we can become mindful. Super Stretch always says, “Inhale the blue sky. Exhale and blow the clouds away.” It’s a power that resets the mind and creates a positive attitude, contentment and ease.


You are a super hero!

‘Breathe. Stretch. Play. Make NAMASTE a part of every day!’

Love, Super Stretch