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This program is a great opportunity for yoga teachers to expand their professional toolbox. Super Stretch Kid’s Yoga Program was developed by a qualified, professional yoga teacher and product designer. Jes has over 13 years of experience as a national educator and numerous ceritfications: E-RYT 500, 200/500 RYS, MID. View Jes’ website.

Not a yoga person? That’s ok – we’re accessible for people without yoga training to introduce a low-pressure fitness idea into their programs for kids (and adults), too. Jes has taught yoga fitness in schools, facilities and studios from toddlers to teens. Including at-risk youth populations and teen moms. Our goal is to be accessible and open to everybody.

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Two-Day Teacher Training Workshops

In this participatory workshop, you’ll learn how to present yoga fitness to kids in a fun, engaging way. Teach children healthy habits through breath and movement as you:

  • Learn more then 60 moves and a wide variety of partner exercises.
  • Learn simple fitness sequences, class lesson plans and stories to teach with.
  • Learn about the philosophy, anatomy and benefits of fitness for children.
  • Learn how to use fitness to develop life skills outside of the classroom.
  • Get the proper ‘tools’ to teach a class.



Super Stretch Educational Resources Offered:

Super Stretch Teacher Training Workbook & Manual. This manual contains information on:

  • Wonders And Benefits Of Yoga Fitness For Children
  • Overview Of History And Philosophy Of Yoga Fitness And Wellness
  • Importance Of A Yoga/Fitness Program
  • Introduction & Wonders Of Yoga — Philosophy
  • 8 Limbs & Universal Truths To Live By
  • Human Body Overview And Anatomy
  • Energy Chakra’s As Relating To Body Overview
  • Breath — Awareness & Tools To Use To Teach Breathing
  • Food & Fitness & Doshas. Healing Foods To Eat If Feeling A Specific Way
  • Complimentary Therapies For Kids On The Autistic Spectrum, ADD/ADHD
  • Teachers Guidelines And How To Be A Good Teacher And Listener
  • Students – No Need To Be Perfect
  • Why Yoga/Fitness Is Great For Children And How It Relates To Hatha Yoga & P.E. Standards
  • Postures And Meditation Tools
  • Super Stretch Posture Manual And Flash Card Sequence Outline
  • Super Stretch Yoga Class Lesson Plans
  • Super Stretch Tot Yoga Class Posture Sequences
  • Super Stretch Partner Yoga Class Posture Sequence
  • Super Stretch Family Yoga Class Posture Sequence
  • Super Stretch Rest And Dream Time – Relaxation Postures & Meditation
  • Tools, Exercises And Themes To Create Your Own Meditation Stories
  • Marketing Materials, Workshop Ideas And In-School Yoga Presentations For Parents

Super Stretch Social Media Marketing Tools Offered:

  • Your studio name or just your email link on the Super Stretch website under Teachers
  • Super Stretch app on iTunes
  • Super Stretch Facebook page with daily tips and tools for kids yoga
  • Super Stretch YouTube channel
  • Super Stretch Instagram

Super Stretch Marketing Materials and Tools Offered:

  • Super Stretch Flashcards
  • Super Stretch Kids Yoga Book
  • Super Stretch Coloring Pages
  • Super Stretch Business Cards
  • Super Stretch T-shirt
  • Super Stretch Postcards
  • Super Stretch Poster
  • Super Stretch Tote
  • Super Stretch Temporary Tattoos
  • Super Stretch Relaxation CD