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5315 Lyndale Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55419
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Devanadi School of Yoga and Wellness

4401 S Upton Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55410
(612) 787-7895

Yoga Center Retreat

4212 Park Glen Rd, St Louis Park, MN 55416
(952) 582-1271

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This program is a great opportunity for yoga teachers to expand their professional toolbox. Super Stretch Kid’s Yoga Program was developed by a qualified, professional yoga teacher and product designer. Jes has over 18 years of experience as a national educator and numerous ceritfications: YACEP, E-RYT 500, 200/500 RYS, MID. View Jes’ website.

Not a yoga person? That’s ok – we’re accessible for people without any yoga training or background to introduce a low-pressure active play idea into their programs for kids (and adults), too. Jes has taught yoga fitness in schools, facilities and studios from toddlers to teens. Including at-risk youth populations and teen moms. Our goal is to be ACCESSIBLE and open to everybody.

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We offer:

Two-hour Teacher Training Workshops

Six-hour Teacher Training Workshops

Two-Day Teacher Training Workshops

In these participatory workshops, you’ll learn how to present meditation and yoga fitness to kids in a fun, engaging way. Teach children healthy habits through breath and movement as you:

  • Learn more then 60 moves and a wide variety of partner exercises.
  • Learn simple fitness sequences, class lesson plans and stories to teach with.
  • Learn about the philosophy, anatomy and benefits of fitness for children.
  • Learn how to use fitness to develop life skills outside of the classroom.
  • Get the proper ‘tools’ to teach a class.



Super Stretch Educational Resources Offered:

Super Stretch Teacher Training Workbook & Manual. This manual contains information on:

  • Wonders And Benefits Of Yoga Fitness For Children
  • Overview Of History And Philosophy Of Yoga Fitness And Wellness
  • Importance Of A Yoga/Fitness Program
  • Introduction & Wonders Of Yoga — Philosophy
  • 8 Limbs & Universal Truths To Live By
  • Human Body Overview And Anatomy
  • Energy Chakra’s As Relating To Body Overview
  • Breath — Awareness & Tools To Use To Teach Breathing
  • Food & Fitness & Doshas. Healing Foods To Eat If Feeling A Specific Way
  • Complimentary Therapies For Kids On The Autistic Spectrum, ADD/ADHD
  • Teachers Guidelines And How To Be A Good Teacher And Listener
  • Students – No Need To Be Perfect
  • Why Yoga/Fitness Is Great For Children And How It Relates To Hatha Yoga & P.E. Standards
  • Postures And Meditation Tools
  • Super Stretch Posture Manual And Flash Card Sequence Outline
  • Super Stretch Yoga Class Lesson Plans
  • Super Stretch Tot Yoga Class Posture Sequences
  • Super Stretch Partner Yoga Class Posture Sequence
  • Super Stretch Family Yoga Class Posture Sequence
  • Super Stretch Rest And Dream Time – Relaxation Postures & Meditation
  • Tools, Exercises And Themes To Create Your Own Meditation Stories
  • Marketing Materials, Workshop Ideas And In-School Yoga Presentations For Parents

Super Stretch Social Media Marketing Tools Offered:

  • Your studio name or just your email link on the Super Stretch website under Teachers
  • Super Stretch app on iTunes
  • Super Stretch Facebook page with daily tips and tools for kids yoga
  • Super Stretch YouTube channel
  • Super Stretch Instagram

Super Stretch Marketing Materials and Tools Offered:

  • Super Stretch Flashcards
  • Super Stretch Kids Yoga Book
  • Super Stretch Coloring Pages
  • Super Stretch Business Cards
  • Super Stretch T-shirt
  • Super Stretch Postcards
  • Super Stretch Poster
  • Super Stretch Tote
  • Super Stretch Temporary Tattoos
  • Super Stretch Relaxation CD

You can make a difference. Support our mission to bring meditation and yoga to kids in an engaging, interactive way.
Super Stretch teaches kids techniques to help them manage stress and anxiety while also having fun.

Make ‘Breathe. Stretch. Play.’ a part of every day! Your support helps create our next adventures with Super Stretch and ultimately impact more kids and families to live healthier, happier lives. Thank you for making the whole world “Super” inside and out!