Make ‘Breathe. Stretch. Play.’ a part of every day!
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"Take a breath, calm your mind & build positive energy." Love, Super Stretch

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Super Stretch Yoga app is a top meditation app for kid’s!

The Adventures of Super Stretch™ children’s yoga program is being taught by Super Stretch teachers from Africa to the Upper East side.

Great for schools, after-school programs, birthday parties, yoga studios and gyms, day cares – or your house.

School teachers are incorporating the app on their smart boards and in their home rooms. Kids are asking to do the Super Stretch app at home. Families are using the flash cards to create fun ways to move together.

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Here to have fun – at any skill level.

Kids don’t have to be athletes, flexible or fit to do this. We’ve designed it to be non-competitive and even bring in partner activities to show we’re all in this together.

In yoga there’s no perfect. In each pose, the kids are just being kids – doing poses the best they can. No need to be perfect, to “succeed” or do it “right”. We are allowing ourselves to be present, in the moment. It’s ok to fall out of poses. It’s ok to laugh, to roar like a lion – in fact, that’s the whole point. Be courageous, creative and just try.

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Because kids learn in all ways.

The Adventures of Super Stretch™ is an educational fitness program with empowering books, flash cards , teacher workshops and apps on iTunes and Google Play that have been developed for children of all ages.

Super Stretch offers simple yet effective resiliency tips and tools to eliminate stress and anxiety. Flip the negative switch in the mind and plug into your super powers to live a healthy, happy life. Learn positive, skillful solutions to respond wisely and enJOY life’s ever-changing adventures.

BALANCE is a super power!

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Super Stretch Mission:

    Nothing is impossible.
    Always be honest.
    Make the world a better place.
    Act with kindness.
    Share with others.
    Trust and believe in yourself.
    Enjoy and have fun.

With a strong body, clear mind and pure heart
I promise to be the best person I can be.
Make ‘Breathe. Stretch. Play.’ a part of everyday!

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Super Stretch is for EVERYBODY!

You don’t need to be a ‘yogi’ to share Super Stretch with kiddos: parents, grandparents, school teachers, day care providers, yoga teachers, and yoga lovers can use the Super Stretch program materials to get kids excited about moving everyday.

All you need is: A little space, comfortable clothing, and readiness to PLAY!

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About Jes

Jes Rosenberg is a national yoga educator, a catalyst in the wellness community, and committed to helping students live an empowered, inspired life. She makes it her mission to ‘Breathe. Stretch. Play.’ every day!

Jes Rosenberg has been practicing yoga and wellness since the early 1980s and teaching for more than 20 years. She studies yogic texts and sequencing philosophies from many yoga and fitness disciplines. The result is a wonderfully blended teaching style and a unique challenging class for children and adults that balances body, mind, and heart.

Jessica’s greatest pleasure lies in sharing, mentoring and spreading the wonders of yoga movement, breathing and philosophy. In 2001, she created The Adventures of Super Stretch™, an interactive fitness program, book series and games for the entire family developed to give children a physical outlet to release stress, worry, and anxiety so that they could express and empower themselves in a healthy and happy way.

Jes is a co-creator of Gorilla Yogis™ — a movement that takes meditation and yoga beyond studio walls and into unexpected, offbeat urban settings as a way to raise money and awareness for various community organizations.

Jessica is a YACEP, 500 hour E-RYT registered yoga teacher, a 200/500 RYS registered yoga school through Yoga Alliance and an industrial iesigner, formally with Revlon and Aveda. She holds certifications in Ashtanga, Bikram, Power Vinyasa, Modo/Moksha Yoga, Soft Touch Hatha Yoga, Thai Massage, and a Reiki Master. Her talents have been recognized in numerous national and international print publications including the Minneapolis/St. Paul Star Tribune, Mpls St. Paul Magazine, Experience Life Magazine and Yoga Journal.

Jessica is especially thankful to all of her amazing mentors for their light and support, and to the love, generosity and compassion from all of the countless students – adults and children – her true teachers.

Learn more about Jes on her official website.