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Kids Yoga Book

Kids Yoga Book


The Adventures of Super Stretch™™ book is a unique, comprehensive introduction to fitness for children and adults that contain more then 50 variations on traditional fitness postures. The book demonstrates how children can develop physical strength, flexibility, emotional calm, and self-expression through movement and breathing.

The book is an exciting adventure featuring the travels of David, Lila, and Super Stretch. They find themselves on many journeys of self-discovery, taking them to exotic locales around the globe. At each destination, whether distant or close-to-home, they encounter interesting playful characters who teach them a variety of fitness movements that not only invigorate the body, but also reveal valuable lessons that show the way to lifelong health and happiness.

The Adventures of Super Stretch™™ book is intended for parents and children to share and read together. It’s a great tools to use in the classroom or at home. Adults and older children can also read and enjoy on their own and gain the valuable lessons. Written in a manner that allows the reader to actually follow the postures in a sequence, The Adventures of Super Stretch™™ offers a complete fitness class that is engaging, satisfying and fun!

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